Monday, May 9, 2016


Okay seriously I don't know how to start this entry! I just still feel excited because got the chance to meet this inspiration women, Vivy Yusof! Yes I really really adore her! I just want to be like her. Successful women, get a loving husband & cutie kids and so many more. Last week, I got invitation from fashion valet for Gaya Koleksi Raya 2016 at Publika. While waiting my friend outside the Black Box, Publika. Vivy came out with her PA Iman. I just standing next to her that time! For the first time! Okay I really excited *im so annoying right but who cares* hehe. I ask her "Vivy can we take some picture for a while?" And she said "Yes yes why not" even she was so rushed that time. I got so many pictures with her include selfie :)

So petite than me because I can hug her while taking picture keciknya vivy kurusnya ><
So so putih
So pretty
So friendly
And so so many more lah, I just can't stop staring at her!

We are wearing black!

She so inspiring me, love you Vivy!

Outfit :
Scarf : Square scarves made by me
Jumpsuit : Lefarisha 
(not release yet soon after Raya because still in production because I still need to check the quality)
Purse : Chanel
Wedges : Vincci

Love, Hana!