Wednesday, April 27, 2016


when the times will comes, its will comes.
when its make you sad, you just smile.
when you feel like wanna give up, just wake up and tell yourself if you don't help yourself, who else?
when you want something, work for it.
when someone hate you, ignore them.
when someone truly love you, appreciate it.
when something happen, just accept it as dugaan.

when you hungry, just eat. Ignore about diet or getting fat. Eh?

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Macau - Hong Kong - Shenzen - Guangzhou trip Part 1

Have a lot of work to do actually. But can I curi masa to update about my China trip on December 2015 before its basi. I will make it short story because I don't have time to write so details about this, haih.

Actually, this is business trip. Tapi dah alang alang tu, my travel mate, Biha & I decide to explore Macau, Hong Kong & Shenzen before heading to Guangzhou for business mater. Not kind of explore actually, just like check in.

So, we took a flight from KLIA to Guangzhou first. Then we took train straight to the Hongkong after boarding at Guangzhou airport.

Tiring face zzz.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Its already under production

My raya collection(s) are under production now. Cant wait to pick-up and photoshoot! Surely its simple, minimalist design yet look exclusive. Because I love minimalist look.

Stay tuned & keep update my instashop @lefarisha !!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Striped Skants

Last minute preparation not bad

So, I just want to share about one of my bestfriend engagement day. She texted me and said, "Hana, next weekend free tak, jom balk Penang dengan aku. Aku nak bertunang minggu depan, pihak lelaki tiba tiba cakap next week diorang nak datang".

And I was like, really? Really? Excited but at the same time terkejut okay sebab next week.

So, hari Ahad bertunang. Sabtu pagi aku sampai Penang. Sampai sampai terus pergi kedai bunga, kedai tudung dan segala kedai la for her engagement. Lewat petang tu baru start set-up simple mini pelamin. Malam tu pakaikan inai, itu pun tak sempat nak pekatkan.

Happy Engagement, Mahirah. Cant wait for your big day!

Broga Hill, Semenyih

Almost a month tak hiking. Rindu pula. Yes, I love hiking but selalu terhalang sebab kawan kawan busy. If korang nak hiking dan baru nak berjinak jinak dengan hiking, Broga Hill adalah pilihan yang tepat sebab trek dia tidak la terlalu extreme. Ada tiga puncak tetapi selalunya orang dekat first puncak dah semput. I tak la semput sangat, heheh. Tapi please naik sampai puncak ke tiga, sebab berbaloi dengan view yang cantik lepas dah penat hiking :)

So far day 3 kali hiking dekat Broga Hill ni. Next,  Bukit Tabur jom!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Love this pants from Aere

"Sometimes, life is just too hard if we started to overthinking"

Replace missing passport

I thought for replace new passport after missing it will take long time to do it. Lepas baca dekat blog semua, most of people said paling cepat sebulan. But yesterday, I went to Jabatan Imigresen isi borang semua, next week diorang cakap dah boleh pick-up. Okay so wow, tak la lama mana kan. Process dia pun tidak la serumit macam baca dalam blog orang lain tu. Yes, nanti I akan update macam mana boleh hilang passport dekat China hari tu, macam mana pula I handle all the things and macam mana process nak buat passport baru dekat Malaysia. Sebab ramai tak tahu, Stay tuned. (tapi when? I also not sure. Hah)

Settle all the things. Lapar la kan sebab tak ambil breakfast pun sebelum keluar. I straight to Calories KL cafe to take my brunch because its just nearer the Jabatan Imigresen.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Outwear for 2016 collection(s)

Just a short update, as you know or for those who still don't know, I have my own clothing label, that is Lefarisha. For 2016 collection(s), most of it are outwear collection.

Hana turns 23

Finally i got my macbook back *dancing*. Miss being a blogger. And welcome my fav month, April. Because yesterday, 3rd of April was my birthday. Yeah Hana turn 23 already. Lets married? *eww* hehe.

Nothing special on my birthday but something special happen one day before my birthday. I met Hanis Zalikha when i was dating with kak wani. That is the most big surprise for me because i really admire keknis since long time ago! Keep reading her blog. And keknis said, "Happy Birthday in advance Hana". Awww thank you keknis I love you and can't wait to see your baby :)

Excuse my weird face