Monday, April 4, 2016

Hana turns 23

Finally i got my macbook back *dancing*. Miss being a blogger. And welcome my fav month, April. Because yesterday, 3rd of April was my birthday. Yeah Hana turn 23 already. Lets married? *eww* hehe.

Nothing special on my birthday but something special happen one day before my birthday. I met Hanis Zalikha when i was dating with kak wani. That is the most big surprise for me because i really admire keknis since long time ago! Keep reading her blog. And keknis said, "Happy Birthday in advance Hana". Awww thank you keknis I love you and can't wait to see your baby :)

Excuse my weird face

Venue : Jibby & Co, Subang

Scarf : Bawal
Tunic denim : Padini
Pants : Uniqlo
Sling Bag : Padini
Heels : Opera

Happy Birthday dear-self. Thanks Allah for your rezeki towards me. May I success in what I doing right now. And getting married with my man, soon. Hiks