Saturday, August 13, 2016


Just a little throwback my #ootd 

Was taken by my mr fianc√©. But dia bukan la seorang yang pandai ambil gambar & tak suka ambil gambar pun. But when I asked (ask okay not paksa :P) him to take my #ootd, the result turns very very well ! 

When I said I liked those picture, he said 'well, baru tahu ke?' Okay then, hehe.

 I just love the colour combination.

I know, he focus on that model not me, haih.

Last but not least, be my photographer forever okay? Hiks.

Scarf : unbranded
Top : ZARA
Pants : Onlineshop 
Wedges : Zalora
Purse : Louis Vuitton

Till here,